The Carton for Ongoing Metabolic Health

Caramel Apple Fig

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It is possible to support good health by getting your body's ecosystem right. Our delicious Daily Micronutrient Bars deliver a unique combination of micronutrients and fiber for effective cellular metabolism, giving your gut what it needs for lifelong health.

Developed by a group of esteemed scientists at Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland (CHRCO / CHORI), these life-changing micronutrient bars are shown to positively impact health markers for heart, insulin and glucose, inflammation, and obesity, without additional diet or lifestyle changes.

Rich with delicious superfood ingredients like dark chocolate, blueberry, and red grape extracts, walnuts, brown rice, oats, and fibers, the Healright Daily Micronutrient Bar is easy to add to your daily routine.


  • 14 servings of Healright Micronutrient Bars (1 carton, 14 servings per carton)
  • Four flavors options to choose from: Caramel Apple Fig, Chocolate Cherry Pomegranate, Lemon Blueberry and Peanut Butter Banana