The Carton for Ongoing Metabolic Health

Caramel Apple Fig

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Healright is a delicious and easy way to support optimal metabolic health (a healthy heart, optimal blood sugar, optimal gut health and a healthy weight). 

Developed by world renowned scientists, Healright’s clinically proven micronutrients and fiber fill in nutrient gaps to improve health markers for cholesterol and triglycerides, blood sugar, digestive issues and more in as little as 8 weeks. Best of all, without the serious side effects of medications. 

The power of food as medicine is packed into this convenient bar with superfood ingredients including dark chocolate, blueberry, red grape, walnut, brown rice, oats, and more. 

Start Healright today to change your life! 


  • 14 servings of Healright Micronutrient Bars (1 carton, 14 servings per carton)
  • Four flavors options to choose from: Caramel Apple Fig, Chocolate Cherry Pomegranate, Lemon Blueberry and Peanut Butter Banana

Suggested use: 

For best results, we recommend one to two servings of Healright per day for 8 weeks of continuous use (a serving size is one package), with 8 oz. of water. Without additional diet or lifestyle changes, you should start to see results within the initial 8 weeks.† Healright is not designed as a meal replacement. 

Measure your progress with Healright home test kits. 

Healright at home test kits are available at a 50% discounted rate. The tests measure lipids and blood glucose, one to take before starting Healright and the other to take after you have completed 8 weeks of continuous use.