What's Inside Our
Micronutrient Bars?

Powerful micronutrients and fibers from superfood ingredients that help the body power a healthy gut.

Powerful micronutrients and fibers from superfood ingredients that help the body fight off disease.

"All disease begins in the gut."

HIPPOCRATES - The father of medicine

Transformative Micronutrients From Superfoods

Healright Micronutrient Bars deliver the essential micronutrients and fibers that many of us are not getting in our daily diet. Originally developed by UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) with the U.S. Department of Agriculture as the CHORI Bar, our patent-pending formula consists of superfood ingredients that replenish and boost whole-body health.

The scientist who formulated Healright identified the essential micronutrients and fibers that Americans aren’t getting enough of, and chose the ideal amount of each needed to modulate the gut micobiome.

Essential Vitamins
& Minerals

  • Supports your immune system*
  • Converts food into energy
  • Impacts cellular performance*

Fatty Acids

  • Supports healthy anti-inflammatory response
  • Maintains healthy triglyceride levels*
  • Reduces Inflammation*
  • Supports brain function*

Soluble Fiber

  • Supports heart health*
  • Maintains blood sugar*
  • Supports weight management*
  • Manages constipation & diarrhea*

Insoluble Fiber

  • Supports weight management*
  • Encourages feeling of fullness*
  • Bowel management*
  • Helps with regularity*

Fermentable Fiber

  • Stimulates good bacterial production in the gut*
  • Maintains cholesterol & triglycerides*
  • Supports immune system*
  • Maintains blood sugar*

High Polyphenol-
Containing Foods

  • Anti-oxidant properties
  • Critical for good health*

How Healright Works

Clinically-tested and science-backed results

Fifteen years of research and 15 clinical studies have shown Healright Daily Micronutrient Bars cultivate dramatic improvements in heart and gut health, metabolism and weight, and blood sugar. Research has shown consuming Healright—without any changes to your diet or daily activity—can reset your metabolic dysregulation and healthy anti-inflammatory response.