Gut Health For Women


Balance. Women work diligently for balance in their work and personal life, but often women forego thinking of balance and their personal health. Why is this balance so important? Simply because each person’s body is designed to be balanced with each system and part working together well, so if something is not balanced, things can go wrong. With that in mind, there are statistics showing that over 100 million women in the US have gut health issues and are often more likely to experience chronic digestive diseases then men.

Feeling bloated, being constipated or having diarrhea is not normal, even if it is so common in life today. While it does mean your gut is not balanced and is dysfunctional, it also can mean your hormones, your period, your skin, your immunity, and your disease risk are out of balance, too. It is also important to note that studies from the Mayo Clinic and the University of Texas, Austin showed that the way a female processes food is slightly different than that of a male.

What does that mean for women?
1. The research shows that female hormones can slow digestion and male hormones support and maintain muscles, like in the stomach.
2. Some studies are showing that there is a strong possibility that intestinal nerve cells communicate with the brain differently in females, which might be why women tend to have issues with gut sensitivities, bloating and nausea compared to men.

What can women do to address gut health balance?
1. Balance in the foods you eat: loads of fruits and vegetables, make sure to include whole grains, beans and nuts, and also lean meats, poultry and fish
2. Don’t forget the fiber! Fiber supports not only regularity, but also supports heart health, brain health, and helps maintain blood sugar. Women typically need 25 grams of dietary fiber each day.
3. Don’t forget overall balance with foods rich in prebiotics and foods that help generate probiotics, together they create balance in your gut. If you are unsure of the foods for pre and pro biotics, then supplement. Your body will thank you!
4. Balance stress in your life: chronic stress is detrimental, so be sure to exercise often and engage in calming and supportive activities as much as possible

Healthy lifestyle choices will help make a difference in achieving balance. Balance expectations – to support good health, including gut health, consider this a wellness journey. As said by Mark Twain, ‘The secret to success is getting started’. Small steps lead to big differences. To your health!

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