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How many servings are recommended?

Based on our 15 clinical studies, we’ve found that 2 servings per day over a 28-day period, without any change to diet and lifestyle needed, deliver the best results. Improving metabolic dysregulation and healthy anti-inflammatory response, both known to have a significant connection to human health and disease prevention. We call this the Healright Reset. To enjoy 2 servings a day for 1 month, order 4 boxes of any of our delicious flavors.

How many boxes do I need if I just want 1 serving a day?

To enjoy 1 serving a day for 1 month, order 2 boxes. This is our recommendation after you’ve completed the Healright Reset of 2 servings a day for 1 month.

Is there an option for someone who would like to try them first?

Sure! Order a single Variety Box, which contains 14 servings of Micronutrient Bars in our delicious flavors:

  • Lemon Blueberry: Bright citrus notes combine with the sweet, ripe taste of blueberries. 
  • Peanut Butter Banana: Peanut butter is classically paired with the warmth of banana and vanilla flavor profile. 
  • Chocolate Cherry Pomegranate: Tangy pomegranate and cherry are balanced with rich chocolate.
  • Caramel Apple Fig: The smoothness of honey and fig contrast with sharp, refreshing apple.

Is Healright a meal replacement?

Healright Micronutrient Bars are designed to be something you add to your diet. We want to make your journey to wellness as easy as possible! The results in the clinical studies are based on participants simply adding Healright to their lifestyle

Ingredients and nutrition facts

Is Healright food or a supplement?

Healright is a fortified food originally developed as the CHORI Bar by an esteemed group of scientists at the Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Fortified foods are those that have nutrients added to them that don't naturally occur in the food. Fortified foods improve our nutrition and add health benefits. Healright is a leader in the food as medicine movement!

Are there known allergens in Healright?

Yes. Healright Micronutrient Bars do contain tree nuts, soy, and dairy.

Is there gluten in Healright?

Healright bars do not have gluten. The oat fiber ingredient is certified gluten-free.

Is Healright halal or kosher?

Healright bars are not considered a halal or kosher product at this time.

Are there probiotics in Healright?

Our Gut Health formula is fortified with GanadenBC30, which is a natural probiotic studied to show positive results in digestive health, immune health, and more.

How much sugar is in Healright?

The amount of sugar in Healright bars vary from 11-21g per serving.

How many calories are in Healright?

The amount of calories in Healright bars vary from 170-260 per serving.

Why do Healright Heart Health Micronutrient Bars contain hibiscus flower?

Hibiscus flower has been shown to help reduce high blood pressure and can help with reducing blood lipids (dyslipidemia).

Why do Healright Gut Health bars have Jerusalem artichokes?

The Jerusalem artichoke (also called sunroot, sunchoke, or earth apple) is a species of sunflower native to central North America, known to have prebiotic effects, and is a lower glycemic index food.


Is Healright right for me?

How do I contact customer service?

Click on the blue support icon on the bottom right, call 1-888-912-1015 or email

What is the research on Healright?

15 years of research went into studying how diet interacts with metabolic pathways. The clinical trials presented significant opportunities to better understand how nutrients delivered in a food-based matrix positively affect health. Because of Healright’s micronutrient and fiber formula potency, Healright is effective without requiring people to modify their existing diets, offering a new approach for understanding relationships between diet and disease. 

How do I know if Healright Heart Health formula is for me?

  • You and your doctor are watching your cholesterol. 
  • You are considering prescription drugs to manage cholesterol. 
  • You have been prescribed statins, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, or other medications. 

If you can relate, it's time to learn about Healright.

How Healright helps:


What are micronutrients?

Micronutrients are essential elements that we need in small quantities. They include minerals and vitamins. Healright has micronutrients and fiber that fill the gap in nutrient deficiencies found in the typical Western diet.

What is the gut microbiome?

The gut microbiome is a system of microorganisms that play a very important role in your health. They control digestion, benefit your immune system, and many other aspects of health. An imbalance of microbes in the intestines may contribute to weight gain, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and other disorders. The science behind Healright showed a positive effect on the gut microbiome.


Subscriptions and billing

What if I need to make changes to my order or cancellation?

If you have changes to your order, including: flavor, program, billing or shipping, you can log in and update your account. Or you can contact our customer service team by calling 1-888-912-1015 or emailing You may cancel at any time.

What is Healright's refund policy?

If you wish to initiate a refund, contact our customer service team by calling 1-888-912-1015 or emailing We offer refunds on all perishable products that have yet to ship, and use our discretion with products that have already started the shipping process.

When can I expect to receive my Healright bars?

With the ongoing health crisis in the world due to Covid-19, customers may experience delays in shipping times. We hope to get orders out within 1-3 business days, but each customer’s shipping time could vary. We are doing the best we can to keep you in the loop and we will update this information as we receive it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We want to thank you for understanding.

What’s a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

Health Savings Account (HSA) lets you set aside tax-free money so you can save on qualified health purchases including OTC (over-the-counter) products, prescriptions, vision health essentials and much more. HSAs are always individually owned, but may be available as part of your benefits package through your employer which will let you set aside pre-tax money from your paycheck to fund it. If your employer doesn’t offer an HSA but you’re enrolled in a qualified High Deductible Health Plan that’ll let you participate in one, you can open your own through most major banks. Some HSA-eligible items include KT Tape, sunscreen, and copays. Eligible items and services include those that diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent or cure a medical condition or function of the body. Account holders can either use an HSA card for their purchase or use their own debit card and submit receipts with a claim for reimbursement. There may also be additional options depending on the HSA administrator or bank custodian, like the ability to transfer funds to your own bank account for reimbursement or to write yourself a check.