How Gut Health Affects The Body

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Most of us have heard many suggestions on how to stay healthy. With Healright Gut Health Daily, we are focused on the gut health as a key part of one's wellness journey. 

Your digestive system is hard at work to maintain the body’s health and wellness. This system is incredibly complex and is constantly collaborating with the brain to break down food and drink into nutrients and energy to be absorbed and used by the body to function. In order for real collaboration to occur, the gut provides what the brain needs to function. What does this mean?

A healthy gut is critical for a healthy body. In fact, the gut is now considered ‘the second brain’ due to its importance in whole body health and function. Much research is ongoing about this complex system: the gut microbiome, specific bacteria and fungi living in the gut, strengthening the gut wall, implementing lifestyle changes and nutrition intervention, even studying supplement usage, to name a few. All this research points to the importance of respecting the digestive system and supporting good gut health.

How you can make a difference with your gut health can begin with some simple steps:

  1. Drink water. Staying hydrated is critical for overall health, including gut health. Water can actually help flush out toxins and bad bacteria!
  2. Get enough sleep. Your body must sleep in order to recharge. Optimal hours of sleep do vary, but getting at least 7-8 hours is highly recommended. Sleeping helps your digestive system to rest and recharge which helps the gut be more efficient.
  3. Increase fiber intake. Adults need between 25-35g of fiber each day. Why? Fiber collects waste, toxins, including bad bacteria, and moves it out of the body. Eating a variety of whole grains, fruits and vegetables is the best way to add fiber into your diet.
  4. Take probiotics. It is important to have prebiotics (from fiber) to encourage the growth of the good bacteria (probiotics). This combination creates real balance in your gut.
  5. Change your lifestyle. Practice stress management. We have all been warned of the harmful nature of stress, so implementing ways to reduce stress in your life not only helps gut health, but your overall well-being. Be sure to move – even light exercise can make a big difference in maintaining a healthy gut.